What is Restomod?


Have you ever seen an old car restored by Academy experts on the road racing against your brand-new machine? If that is the case, you must have witnessed what is commonly known as Restomod.

The Definition of Restomod

 Restomod can, at one side, be defined as car modification, and on the other hand, it is termed as car restoration. It the blend of yesterday’s manual craftsmanship and today’s technology; this may include aluminum cylinder heads, disc brakes, exhaust headers, and coil-over shocks. Restomods may also include enhancements in fuel engine modifications and overdrive transmission. Getting modern automobile parts is usually more comfortable as compared to getting various pieces of older cars

Moreover, a restomod is generally safer to drive compared to a restored car. This is because they can easily be put on high speed under demanding driving conditions or the freeways.

On the other hand, restored cars are the best when it comes to regular city driving, but most of them are not made to drive at high speed. The same usually applies to most older cars that were made for better driving conditions. Owners of this kind of vehicle living in different parts of the country where there are rain and snow may discover that restomod is necessary to preserve functionality, integrity, and performance.

Moreover, restomod usually have higher resale values compared to restored cars because they have a high demand as compared to restored vehicles. Although the term restoration and retromod are typically used interchangeably mostly in car marketplaces, there is usually a big difference between the two. This is why it should be properly appraised. However, the two terms are always able to describe the act of bringing a classic car back to its legendary performance and appearance. The decision of restoring a vehicle is usually either restoration or a restomod. This commonly depends on the value or age of the said vehicle.

Why Old Cars Are Not the Best

Old vehicles tend to have amazing style but are challenging to drive. Moreover, feel-free fingertips, drum brakes, and floaty suspension make it difficult for one to drive a car, which was built in the 50s and 60s around the town. Old cars can be unattractive when they don’t have brakes or power steering. Retromodding helps in solving this issue.

Restomod or Hot Rod?

New parts have always been used in old cars. To have a better understanding, you need to have a look at various vehicles such as Mustang II steering rack combo, which are well known as classic hot rods.

Instead of assembling production parts, Restomods use new parts to fit stock locations. Through this, a builder can include some modern performance and get a chance to give back the car to its stock state by refitting the original parts. Restomod started as niche pieces and has now transformed into an aftermarket industry that makes long-distance and daily drivers’ cruisers.

Difference Between Restomod and Traditional Classic Cars

While enthusiasts are restoring their vehicles, automobiles are always updating to newer parts. This is usually the practice in classic car restoration. However, restomod is different because it ensures that the cars are restored with cutting edge parts which are made to fit vehicle stock location.