The Extraordinary Life of Bentley Motor’s Founder

Born as Walter Owen Bentley, he always had an inclination towards speed and motion. W.O. Bentley lived an extraordinary life of designing and developing speed machines before finally founding his dream motor vehicle company – Bentley Motors in 1919.

Early Life

W.O. Bentley was involved with moving objects since his childhood. At the age of 16, he dropped out of school to pursue his passion and joined an apprenticeship program with the Great Northern Railway. After five years of shoving coal into the firebox, he moved on to the machines on the road.

W.O. Bentley was a skilled driver along with being a great mechanic as well. After winning several races on his modified motorcycles, his modifications were even taken up by several professional racing teams.

The Crucial Discovery

Obsessed with making better and faster cars, the young engineer experimented with alloys of aluminium to make stronger and lighter pistons for engines. After successfully crafting a formula with 88% Aluminium and 12% Copper, his pistons broke all speed records of a car. But his important invention had some other important applications as well.

After the outbreak of the First World War, he used his new and improved piston systems to create powerful engines for fighter aircraft. The Bentley Rotary engine, known as the B.R. 1, was used in the most successful British aircraft during the war.

His vital contribution towards his country got him awarded MBE (Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) and an £8,000 prize money. He now had the capital to change the world of driving forever.

The Birth of Bentley Motors

W.O. Bentley always followed a simple policy – to make a good car that was fast and best in its class. Simple! An ideology that is still followed to make some of the finest cars in the world.

After the success of his first model, the 3-litre version, Bentley went on to perfect his design over and over again. The 8-litre model, the final creation of the maestro, is still considered to be one of the most powerful yet silent cars to be built ever.

Now after 100 years since the inception of Bentley Motors, the Mulsanne W.O. Edition was created to honour W.O. Bentley’s final creation.