Interesting Facts Every Jeep Lover Should Know

Jeep Lover

It is undeniable that Jeeps are one of the coolest vehicles on Earth, and they are certainly fun to ride. The idea of a modern SUV way back in the ‘90s was more or less derived from jeeps. The McSweeney Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram – a local auto dealership told us a fascinating fact about jeep, that no one knows where the “jeep” term actually comes from. That is just one of the facts if jeeps you didn’t know.

If you are a jeep lover, the following are some of the other facts you should know:

The original Jeep      was      designed in 2 days

During WWII, the US government was in need of a lightweight, small, three-seater, four-wheeled vehicle. Karl Probst worked hastily to design the truck and finished after two days. Later on, an entire truck proposal, including its estimated costs, was handed to a truck company called Bantam.

Willys, Ford, and Bantam developed Jeep’s concept

During the fight with Nazis, Bantam didn’t have the full capabilities to produce the exact numbers of trucks needed. For that reason, the truck’s blueprint was handed over to Willys and Ford to fill the quote more effectively     .  Willys and Ford came up with their innovation on the truck, called the Pygmy and Quad, respectively.

The Origin of the name “Jeep”

When you think about it, no one certainly has an idea where the “jeep” name came from. Ford’s version was named GPW. The “G” stands for Government, the “P” refers to the space between wheels (80 inches), and “W” stands for Willys since Ford was then under the license of Willys. Could it be a lingual play on the acronym? No one knows!

However, there is a theory that Jeep is coined after a cartoon character. The character’s name was “Eugene the Jeep,” a particular character in the cartoon “Popeye.”

The Bantam 4×4’s first appearance

The first public appearance of the Bantam 4×4 was when it was driven around      the US Capitol. When the driver was asked what the car was called, he replied, “jeep.” Years later, Willys filed a trademark application.

The famed name “CJ”

Did you know that the term CJ stands for Civilian Jeep? It was named so after the Willys was available for the first time to the civilian after the war.

Willys’ Station Wagon

Willys’ initial intention was to sell the vehicles as a functional farm vehicle. It turns out that farm vehicles can be a pretty fun ride. When the war ended, Willys’ Station Wagon were soon      on the streets and trails as well.

Wagoneer as the first-ever SUV

Wagoneer was the Station Wagon’s replacement. When it came to existence, it offered power steering and automatic transmission, perfect for a long,      luxurious rides.

“Jeeping” as a sport

Mark A. Smith was the man who organized the first Jeep trek in 1953. They’ve never stopped since then, and now we hold      Jeep Jamborees thanks to the loyal fans.

USPS mail Jeeps may have lead to the Hummer

To meet      the shortage of military vehicles, Jeep produced some USPS mail trucks for almost 30 years. It even established a separate facility to keep up production for government orders. When the AMC took over, the facility was made into a distinct company named AM General, which is known now as the producers of the Hummer.

And there you have it! Interesting facts that should pique the interest of any Jeep lover out there. Do you have any facts we missed?