How to Optimize Automobile Websites

Automobile Websites

Optimizing your automobile website for your customers is the first step to attracting organic traffic. With the increasing difficulty of ranking up on Google, every automobile dealer should focus on SEO strategies shared by both on and off-page.

A report shows that most car shoppers will only view two dealerships when looking to buy a new vehicle, thus, increasing the importance of optimizing your automobile website.

Unlike other businesses, car dealerships are difficult. Therefore, their marketing strategies will be a little bit complex. Luckily, there are easy tips to optimize your automobile sites, and this includes:

Use Keywords

Keywords are crucial in SEO, especially for auto dealer websites. Make sure your content has keywords in areas such as Meta tags, titles, and descriptions. We recommend long tail keywords since they have less competition. For optimal ranking, maintain between 2 and 4% keyword usage.

Add Meta Description and URLs

Use a URL that is inclusive of your keywords. Before viewers decide on whether to check your site, they go through the meta description. Ensure your meta is well-crafted to attract potential buyers and improve your ranking.

Focus on the Content

Content is everything! Include the main keywords in the first 100 words of your content. So, whenever buyers skim through the URL, Meta description, and content, they are prompted to read on.

Consider using H1 and H2 tags. Your content should have heading 1 and heading 2. Only one of the headings should be inclusive of the main keyword.

Optimize Your Image and Video

Always include at least one image in your content. Add a name and text with a target keyword. The image will be hinting on your website content to Google.

Shoppers are visual people, and they rely on what they see to make decisions. Visuals are influencers when it comes to marketing. Videos and images will bring your website to life, but do note that you can’t just use any random video or picture.

Optimize these images by using high-quality photos, taking actual shots of the vehicle, and uploading all relevant images. Consider adding walk-through videos too. This is to help the shopper explore the car, which brings about a real connection.

Consider the User Experience

Navigation may not appear exciting when building your site, but is a crucial aspect to consider. Better navigation brings about better user experience.

To optimize your website, you need to upgrade and make your website responsive. According to Google, user experience is a crucial aspect when it comes to SEO ranking.

Navigation within your website should be easy and quick for any device. With the increased use of mobile phones to surf the internet, your website should work well for both mobiles and computers. Also, your site should load fast.

Better user experience involves making it easy for shoppers to locate items and exceeding expectations of your potential buyers. User experience may also depend on your web hosting company. Therefore, be careful when choosing a web hosting service.

Use Internal Links

Internal links are essential for SEO ranking. Outbound links help discover content within your web page. With right linking strategies, Google recognizes the site to have high-quality information, which translates to a higher ranking.

For best results, add between 3 to 5 interesting and valuable internal links that are in line with your web pages.


With the tips above, you can be sure your automobile website will rank up in no time. Remember, your web hosting company affects the user experience, so give them a try.