How to Hide a Spy Camera in Car

Spy Camera in Car

Whether you are a spy, a ‘wannabe’ spy, a concerned parent, a husband/wife with trust issues, or just a car owner who loves his car, hiding a top rated trail cameras inside your vehicle could help you find what you are looking for.

If the camera is placed in a visible spot, people in your car will be careful about what they do and will tend to act differently. Therefore, you need to hide your car camera somewhere concealed.

Here is how you can conceal a spy camera in your car.


Step 1: Find a small and portable camera

Since you want to hide the camera, it is only logical that you find the smallest possible camera. The camera will conceal better if it is disguised as a car object. However, the size of the camera might dictate the features you will get.

A smaller camera is restricted to few features and might have short battery power or lack audio. In the end, it all depends on what you want to achieve or get. You can do some research online or visit your local electronics to get an idea of what is available.


Step 2: Choose a location

Again, it depends on what you want to achieve. The location will solely depend on which part of the car you want to spy on. If you want to see what is happening at the driver seat, the dashboard would be the ideal spot to hide the camera.

You might also place the camera at an overhead position where the angles can be adjusted, but the moving noise will give you up.

Wildlife enthusiasts look for the best locations before installing their trail cameras to track the movement of the animals.

Step 3: Choose a disguise

Disguise is another factor that can help you hide a spy camera in your car. Find a removable object in the car that is positioned in an undisturbed place. The trick is to disguise your camera in a position where passengers will unlikely disturb, look, or suspect there might be a camera.

You can also disguise the camera in an actual part of the car. It might require some modification such as drilling, but if it works, no one will ever notice there is a camera in the car. You can install the camera inside the speakers, dashboard, or inside the seat fabrics.


Step 4: Test the camera

After finding the ideal disguise and position, the next step is to test where the camera is recording or if it is working. Do some test feeds to see if the camera is giving you the results you need. You can use people inside the car to see whether the camera is recording all the movements and adjust it accordingly.


Spying is controversial, with many people raising ethical concerns about video surveillance. It is illegal in some countries, depending on your authority, motive, and location. However, warranted video surveillance in your car can help you catch a notorious car thieve, know why your teenage son always returns the car with a funny smell, or who stains your leather seats.