How to Clean Your Car Windows

Clean Your Car Windows

While owning a car is an average man’s dream, cleaning a car might not be the job that everyone is made for. According to GetSuperiorcleaning, Spending hours scraping off the dirty containments sticking to the bottom of your car might not be the fanciest job there is, but it is a necessary task.

When it comes to cleaning your car, you need to have a keen eye and clean your car’s windshield, its side, and rear windows as well. Not only is window cleaning necessary to make sure that your car shines the brightest on the road, but it is also a necessary safety precaution you should undertake to ensure that you have clear visibility all around while driving.

Why and When You Should Clean Your Car Windows

Don’t wait for the date of servicing to get your car window cleaned. Instead, you want to take your car to a car wash or do it yourself if any of these signs are present:

  • Visible water spots or liquid residues on the car windows
  • Bugs or twigs on the wipers
  • Accumulation of thick layers of dust
  • Rough glass surfaces

Ways to Clean a Car Window

While it depends on the condition of your car, you can always follow this guide to remove the frequent marks that appear on the car windows.

  • If there are hard stains that are set on your window screen, you might need to use a scraper to remove them. Make sure you moisturize the area well before using any tool. Any glass cleaning liquid will do the job. Just spray a moderate amount over the stain and scrape it off using a knife or scraper.
  • After removing the hard stains, spray the cleaning agent all over the glass surface and use a thick microfiber towel to clean it. This will make sure that the large dirt and dust containments are carried off easily in the cloth.
  • While the large dust particles and any other major stain would have been erased by now, dust particles would still be sticking to the glass surface. These can be removed with the help of a clay bar or a dishwasher with the help of a liquid cleaning agent.
  • You may polish the glass if you want a clearer window, but since this process requires special tools and is a difficult procedure, it’s best to leave it to the experts.
  • The final step is to spray a moderate amount of cleaning agent on the window panes and clear them with the help of a light towel.
  • Make sure to clear the wipers, the interior of all glass panes, as well as the sideview mirrors efficiently to complete the full procedure.

While a DIY approach is economical as well as time-saving, you can always get it cleaned via a professional service to get the complete satisfaction of a clean car.


It is important to pay attention to window cleaning procedures and routines of your car. As stated before, a dirty car window can be dangerous when driving on the road. Following a proper cleaning procedure once every two months will ensure the cleanliness of your car and your road safety.