Battle of Britain Heritage Trail

The Battle of Britain was certainly one of the most decisive air-borne battles in the World War II era. Had the British lost, Britain would have most certainly succumbed to the powers of Nazi Germany.

There are numerous heritage museums and memorial sites which pay homage to the several important events that took place during the time of the Battle of Britain. Here are a few that must be on your itinerary while visiting the state:

14 Group Royal Observer Corps Operations Room

One of the oldest structural building in the country, the operations room of Bury St Edmunds, is still standing. Visitors can relive the experience of incoming German raids through an immersive virtual reality experience present at that venue.

Battle of Britain Memorial

The monument which is situated at the Victoria Embankment, London was opened for public display by Prince Charles in 2005. The 25-metre long walkway consists of bronze sculptured faces on both sides, with the enlisting of about 2937 airmen involved engraved in the rest of the panels.

Bawdsey Manor Transmitter Block

RADAR was one of the crucial technologies that helped Britain keep the Nazi Air Force at bay. The transmitter block placed on the Bawdsey Manor was an important part of one of the world’s first operational RADAR systems. Visitors can get there for an important history lesson on technology.

East Grinstead Museum

The museum houses some of the city’s historic collection from the town’s hospital which was famous for housing and treating several injured airmen during the period of the Second World War.

National Memorial to the Few

Located at Capel-le-Ferne, this site is the homage to the famous ‘Few’ who were appointed by Churchill and successfully annihilated the Luftwaffe to keep Britain from succumbing to annexing by the Germans in 1940.

RAF Air Defence Radar Museum

This site traces the history of the RADAR system and how it helped the British keep control of their territories through various wars. Housed in the actual World War II Operations block, you can have an invaluable history lesson as you tour through various Radar rooms in the enclosing.

RAF Museum

The REF museum in Hendon is the perfect place for a weekend outing. There are over 100 aircraft, exhibitions, engines, missile systems, and many more interactive stations that allow you to navigate and explore through the various wars fought by the country. Or just grab a bite to eat at their famous restaurants.

Tangmere Military Aviation Museum

Home to a unique collection of war memorabilia, the museum is situated at a former airfield in Tangmere. Using audio and visual interactive tours, the place brings alive several stories from the Great War to the Cold War era of Britain.

Royal Observer Corps (ROC) Heritage

The RADAR system had its limitations and was supported by Observer Corps to further track the movements of enemy aircraft. The procured information was sent to RAF control rooms which further directed the plan of defence using RAF fighter and anti-aircraft guns to disable the enemy.

Battle of Britain Bunker

The battle bunker at Uxbridge is the only original Group Operations room frozen in time. Visitors can revisit history on the most decisive day of battle through a guided tour in the bunker’s vicinity.