Donate Your Car to Charity

What used to be a popular tax gambit before 2004 has lost its fame due to the dramatic decrease in Car donations prices at charity auctions and sales. This was after the American Jobs Creation Act of 2004 was enacted, which limited the possible tax deductions a person could gain from donating any vehicles worth more than $500. The deduction is now determined by the car’s price it garnered for the charity.

If you are considering to donate cars to charity, here are some of the vital reasons why you have to give it a try:

  1. Your vehicle will be used for a good cause

Charitable institutions can utilize second-hand but functional vehicles in doing their functions, such as going on missions, reach-out programs, and delivering donations to people from far-flung areas.

You can donate used cars to local communities, such as vocational schools or colleges, whose students can use the vehicle to train as mechanics. You can also send them to Salvation Army, Goodwill, or United Way.

  1. Charities will pick them up for free

Most charities will tow away and collect the donated vehicle without any charges. The downside to this is that this will get deducted from the vehicle’s total value so that you will have a lesser amount in terms of tax deduction. If this is something of concern, you can always choose to drive the vehicle to the institution of your choice.

  1. You will avoid the tons of work involved in selling your vehicle

It is not easy to sell a used vehicle, involving effort, money, and risks. If you are selling your car yourself, you have to make the necessary phone calls, emails, and meet-ups with potential buyers. You need to pay for ads and always be ready to haggle over its sales price.

  1. You will free up space it occupies in your garage

When you donate cars to charity, you are doing yourself a favor, especially when you need the space. You can also donate cars with lost titles. Charities can opt to sell their parts or scrap, so they’d accept them even without the proper papers. This will give you a lower tax deduction, but on the good side, you won’t be prompted to spend in replacing the lost title.

  1. You will still get a tax deduction from the donated car

The process may be different now than the years before the law was enacted, but at least, you will still benefit in the process. You only have to make sure to deal with the donation process legally.

You need to get the vehicle assessed by an independent appraisal team if it is worth more than $5,000. You will include the result, along with the charity’s certification and Form 8283, when you file for your return. If the vehicle is worth more than $500, you will need to attach IRS Form 8283 in your return.

It is vital to document the process and keep the papers involved when you donate cars to charity. You must also make sure that you donate to qualified and legal organizations.

Bentley Cars Produced

Making cars is one of the epitomes of engineering applications. It starts with the designs best mirror dashcams where the laws of Physics, ergonomics, and style are being considered thoroughly, and then translates to the manufacturing of individual components via automated machinery and lastly, to the highly intricate and skill-demanding assembly line.

Imagine how high that level of engineering will be if you manufacture a luxury car such as a Bentley. The production process may be the same but the quality in their operations is just awesome. We will take a brief look at how the luxurious Bentley cars are made.


In the year 1919, brand Bentley was established. It has undergone a number of ownerships by premium brands like Rolls Royce, Volkswagen, and BMW all over its century-long run.

Bentley focuses on making luxury cars. The production is reliant heavily on the skill of individual artisans and therefore more attention and effort are being put forth in upholding the car’s quality. Modern Bentley cars are produced in their factory in Crewe, England.


The Bentley facility in Crewe, England accommodates around 3,700 employees, with all their mechanics, technicians, and operators holding certifications. 75 percent of the production is done by hand. For perspective on how much work is needed to produce a Bentley car, here are examples:

Bentley Continental GT 2-Door Coupe = 150 hours

Bentley Arnage 4-Door Sedan = 400 hours

Bentley Mulsanne = 400 hours

Modern engines like the W12 are molded from scratch. Super luxury cars built closely similar to a supercar takes more than 5,000 spot welds for the bodywork. The interior leather stitching is all done by hand.

Production Process


The Crewe facility is one of the leading producers of W12 engines in the world. In just one engine, there are over 30 engineers working to complete the build in 12 hours.


The clay model of the Continental alone takes 6 weeks to create. The whole designing process, from inception to production takes 3 years at least.

The robots do the heavy lifting, while the human is responsible for welding the pieces together, inspect for imperfections, and make the necessary adjustments through a filing by hand. A part of the factory is storing the assembly-ready body panels that are formed off-site since the aluminum parts need more than 500 degrees Celsius of heat to be perfectly formed.


Have you seen the steering wheel of Mulsanne? It takes 5 man-hours to complete and requires 620 hand stitches from a thread stretching 10 feet.

The leather hides used to come from the bulls raised on Scandinavia and German farms. For a Mulsanne, it requires 14 leather hides while the Continental requires 9 hides and any leftover leather will be used on other parts of the car as the door handles, gear knobs, and dashboard. The needlework is no joke as it takes 150 hours to stitch the whole interior.

The interior wooden panels are from the same type of tree in order to have uniform grains, colors, textures, and other qualities. 25,000 square meters of the raw veneer is being checked by wood specialists and all stages of polishing of the wooden panels are done by hand.


Obviously, Bentley’s quality control is top-notch and they continue to improve further. The company builds models and conducts a series of extreme tests before proceeding to full-scale production. To ensure unbiased inspection, an independent external auditor will check 3 randomly selected cars every week.


The elegance and performance of a Bentley car are only as great as the ones making it. From the drawing board to the final checklist of quality control, everything is done with utmost thinking and skill. If you happen to own one, buying car accessories will be the least of your worries for you have an almost-perfect car already.

Long drives are no doubt uncomfortable without purple seat cushion and can cause excruciating pain in the back. Delivery workers, cab, taxi drivers, and even commuters are among those few individuals who experience back issues from long travel hours. For this reason, many drivers and passengers look for externals such as cushions for comfort and relief.

Car seat cushions are specially designed to minimize back discomfort. Here are top-rate car seat cushions that will improve your travel experience to provide you the maximum comfort you need whilst traveling:

  • Comfilife Gel Car Seat Enhance Cushion

This car seat cushion comes in a three-in-one set, making it one of the most comfortable cushions you can avail of in the market. It is made of 100% memory foam with a versatile gel layer to provide you a cooling feeling while sitting for long hours. It also comes with a non-slip rubber located in the bottom to avoid moving around during bumpy or rough roads.

The seat cushion highlights a cut-out designed to provide orthopedic benefits. It is perfect for back pain or injuries, those with a herniated disc, and pregnant women. This cushion is machine-washable, thus easy to clean. You don’t need to worry about stains and drink spills. This is also best used for airplane rides, wheelchairs, and office chairs.

  • Vivalife Gel Car Seat Cushion

If quality designs and sheer comfort are the things you are looking for in a seat cushion, this product can be your great choice. Vivalife’s quality is more than skin deep. This product is stuffed with memory foam to provide support for the tailbone and back pain. Of course, it also has a gel layer located on top of the cushion to keep you cool while traveling in hot seasons.

Vivalife has a flat design, which may be a little drawback to some who rely on seat cushions for visibility. Overall, this product is the best support, well-tailored, and comfortable for long hours on the road. It eases sore problems and decreases pressure on your coccyx.

  • Everlasting Comfort Car Seat Cushion

The Everlasting Comfort cushion comes with a u-shape design, which is worth mentioning because you know it targets back pain perfectly for long hours of sitting. Whether you are traveling to your dream destination or commuting for work, this one is worth every penny. The design incorporates a shape to especially benefit your tailbone, which is the source of sciatica pain.

The cushion has a high-quality rubber on the bottom to prevent slides and movement. The cover is made from breathable and machine-washable mesh. What’s also unique in this product is the unzipped exterior cover allowing you to clean only the exterior without ruining the memory foam inside the cushion.

The cushion may be awkwardly designed, but it is purposely unique for health reasons. Overall, this one is very reliable for long drivers, however far the destination.


Long drives are a great activity for our peace of mind. But can we enjoy it when our comfort is at risk? Absolutely not! Our comfort should always be our top priority at all times.

We can relate to back pain and the hassle that comes with it after long hours of travel; hence we give you our most comfy cushions you can avail of. Hopefully, we have helped you in finding the right one for you.

Marketing Strategy

Bentley Motors is a world-renowned manufacturer of British sedans and SUVs. It has a very rich history in the car industry, starting from being founded in 1919 by H. M. Bentley and currently a subsidiary of the company Volkswagen AG. Let us take a look at fundamentals of digital marketing answers and what are the general marketing strategies of Bentley to stay its course as one of the leading luxury car brands in the world.

Targeting And Positioning

The focus of Bentley has remained unchanged throughout the years. Their selected targets and product positioning have catered to willing customers that see their cars as a sense of life satisfaction and pride. The strategy of segmentation makes their productivity more distinct and the goals are more specified.

Competitive Advantage

With a history of over a century, Bentley has been producing plenty of iconic luxury vehicles and historic sports-racing cars. The company has been under multiple umbrellas, from Rolls-Royce in 1931, then to Vickers PLC in 1980, and finally to Volkswagen in 1998. Its product portfolio is so extensive in its own branding alone and the co-independence with Volkswagen only improves the efficient ecosystem.

BCG Matrix

The BCG Matrix is a tool used by most companies to identify products that perform well in the market. For Bentley, two segments have many products that are very much identifiable in the tool. In the company’s sedan segment, there are products like Flying Spur, Mulsanne, and Continental GT while for the SUV segment, there is the Bentayga.

Distribution Strategy

The increase in sales of Bentley products are not only due to their distributors but also resellers and e-commerce sites. In 2016, there are 11,023 vehicles being delivered to customers compared to the 10,100 in 2015. A large chunk of the success is because of the introduction of Bentayga.

Brand Equity

Hollywood films utilize product placements on their scenes and Bentley cars are often used in action sequences. Aside from that subtle type of advertisement, Bentley also ventured on semi-major sport-racing events. This brand promotion highlights the extent of the technology and performance of Bentley cars.

Competitive Analysis

In the market of luxury cars, Bentley holds a 37 percent share last 2016 in terms of overall vehicles sold. Half of that is because of the deliveries in Europe, 25 percent is due to the activities in North America and the remaining is for the Asian countries. Competition-wise, Bentley clearly holds its own against other brands of the highest quality.

Marketing Analysis

With the ever-growing modernization, change of lifestyle is inevitable and that includes the taste of cars. There is a 17-percent increase in the demand for luxury cars, with China as the one leading the demand for the market. However, there will always be unexpected factors that might change the positive numbers such as developments in technology, trust in suppliers, and the ongoing pandemic.

Customer Analysis

Bentley’s customers comprise billionaires around the age of 40 to 60 years old. Even a person without a digital marketer certification can tell that cars built for luxury are meant for the luxurious only.


The marketing strategy of Bentley can be simplified as ‘reliant’ to its traditional ways. They have always been a maker of luxury cars and their quality, for how many decades, is expected to be that high due to the clientele. Whatever lies in the future, as long as Bentley can adapt without changing much their core identity, then this company might be standing for a very long time.

Car Seat Safety Precautions

Using kids car seats (which are also commonly referred to as child safety seats) is the most ideal way to ensure your children stay protected when in the car. It is more likely that you are looking to choose one from Maxi Cosi vs Chicco kids car seats. Car crashes are arguably the leading cause of injury and death amongst children. And, because these seats can end up saving lives, every state in the US. requires everyone to use car seats when driving with children.

However, keeping your kid safe will depend on you picking the right car seat and then using it properly. The car seat you should be looking for is one that fits the weight, age, and size of your child as well as one that will comfortably fit into your vehicle.

Below are a few things you need to consider before choosing a car seat.

The seat you choose should exceed or meet Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. The label on the seat will tell you it does or doesn’t.

Learn how to properly install the seat. Also, use the harness before you take your child out on their first ride. When learning how to do this, avoid solely relying on the store displays for guidance.

Be extra careful when using second-hand car seats. Don’t use seats that have been involved in car crashes before. It might have some damaged parts that you can’t see. Furthermore, don’t use car seats that don’t have manufacture dates or those that have missing parts. Also, don’t use the seats if they don’t have instruction manuals as well.

Babies start off on convertible seats or rear-facing (infant-only) seats. As they get older, these seats are switched out for forward-facing ones before they then get to booster seats.

Convertible Seats

The convertible car seat is designed specifically to protect children that have just been born or are at least 18 kilograms in size. The child’s size and age are what will often determine the position it’ll be placed in. They’re rear-facing until when your child decides they can face forward. Okay, this decision is typically when they’ve reached the rear-facing height or weight limit for that particular car seat. Some of these kids car seats are referred to as “3-in-one” or “all-in-one” seats because they can be turned into booster seats from front-facing and rear-facing ones once the harness is removed.

Anyway, when using convertible car seats, ensure you get one that fits your kid properly. A tiny kid sitting in a huge seat is not a situation you want to be in. As far as newborns are concerned, avoid using the seat options that have tray shields attached to them. These tray shields are often placed way too high and, in a crash, they could end up seriously injuring the baby’s face.


Kid car seats have saved the lives of many children out there. If you’re fond of driving around with your kids in the car, then you might want to strongly consider using these products. If you can spot wear and tear signs on them or you doubt the car seat’s history, don’t use it. That could literally mean the difference between life and death.

Driving School

Are you still learning to drive? Consider yourself enrolling in driving school. It is a great way to learn driving from professionals. Driving schools helps you to be prepared on the road. They will develop you to become skilled, knowledgeable, and responsible drivers.

What is Driving School

Driving school gives lessons and hands-on activities through professional instruction to those who want to learn to drive or improve their driving skills. They will provide you with a certificate after you accomplish the required hours. The Local accrediting body should certify the driving school in your area.

Types of courses in Driving School

Beginners course

From starting the car until stopping it, this course will teach you how to drive. You will also learn in which lane of the roads do you position, how to read road signs, proper distance from other vehicles, and how to park your car. In this course, you will have a lecture, written exam, and hands-on driving experience.

Refresher course

This course is for those who do not take the wheel for a while and need to refresh on driving. Drivers need to have their confidence back and recover their muscle memory on driving.

Driving assessment

In this course, the driving instructor assesses how good you are at driving. It has no lectures and exams. The driving instructor evaluates the skills and knowledge of whether they are ready to take the driving test. This course usually applied to those who are getting their license.

Advantage of Driving School

If you are still hesitant about whether you should attend driving school, here are some of its advantages that will help you make up your mind:


Confidence is an essential aspect of driving. If you don’t have faith, you will probably make poor decisions, be scared, and hesitate on the road that can lead to accidents.

License applications

Driving school certificates are required in obtaining a driver’s license. You will have hours needed by your local accrediting body.


Some accidents are caused by human error. It is better to be aware of other drivers on the road to avoid accidents. You can be mindful of the distance between you and others and timing to pass them.


Of course, like other things, there are also disadvantages to attending driving school. Here are some of them:

Added expense you pay for driving school out of your own pocket.

Time-consuming although some driving schools offer online classes, you need to practice and do actual exams personally that may take away your free time.

Final Verdict

Have you decided to enroll in driving school? Although it can be time-consuming and costly, you and your family will benefit from it. Protecting your loved ones is the most important in driving on where you want to go. Even in adverse conditions, you will have many options to avoid accidents because of the knowledge and experience you have learned from the driving school.

Hopefully, the information mentioned above has helped you in deciding whether you should attend driving school. Its benefits outweigh its disadvantages.

Car Seats

It goes without saying that aside from providing your children a good life, it is your and other parents’ duty to keep them safe and protected, especially when you’re out on the road and inside a vehicle. You can view publisher site reserch paper that says road accidents can happen anytime and to anyone, even when you consider yourself a lawful driver. According to the National Safety Council, a recorded estimation of 38 800 Americans had died in car crashes in the year 2019. Although the number has declined by 2% compared to that of 2018, and almost 4% compared to that of 2017, there remains to be no guarantee that it can’t happen to you and the people you love. However, one of the things you can do is to make sure your little ones are tucked and buckled in safe, and we’re about to give you all the necessary info you need about car seats for kids.

Suitability for Every Age Group

The sizing primarily depends on the age groups of the kids, and we have four main groups: the infants and toddler; the preschoolers or daycare babies; the kids of schooling age; and the older ones. With that, car seats for kids sold in the market have different types and general guidelines to best suit a child of a particular age. They are as follows.

Infants and toddler

The types that suit children of this age group are the rear-facing ones and the rear-facing convertible since these accommodate their short reach and lighter weight. These can hold their size for up to 2 years so you can have enough time to save up for a bigger one. These can hold up from 22 35 lbs of weight and are designed specifically for travel, not including any use outside of the vehicle.

Preschoolers or daycare babies

The best car seats for kids of this age are the forward-facing convertibles or the forward-facing ones with the harness, and they can use these until they reach the highest limit for the height and weight that the seat can allow. This can be of use for up to 4 – 6 years and can hold up from 40 to 50 lbs of weight.

Kids of schooling age

When kids reach the age of 8 years old and reach a height of 4 feet and 9 inches, they are recommended to start using a booster seat with a five-point harness and a seat belt. It works by elevating the child’s seating with strategic positioning so that in the event of a car crash, the impact will be directed to areas of the body that are sturdy and could handle damage.

Older ones

You won’t need car seats for kids that are considerably older, particularly ones around and older than the age of 13. When they are mainly of the height and weight for the lap and shoulder seat belt to fit them, then they can pretty much sit on any passenger seat without any additional seating equipment for safety.

Shipping Cars Overseas

Shipping a car overseas is a straightforward process. Depending on the freight forwarding company you hired for your guyana shipping, you might not even have to do anything yourself. This guide aims to walk you through the whole process so that you can make sure that everything goes smoothly. It’s also important you know what role you’ll have in transporting your car overseas, no matter how small it is. Let’s get started.

Choosing a Vessel

You have several freight forwarding options to ship your car to another country: full container, RORO, and flat rack. Your choice will mainly depend on how big your car would be.

Full Container

Full container shipping refers to shipping vehicles in a shared container. A standard container measures around 20-40 feet. In general, this option has lower rates. If you choose this, you must know that you must deliver your vehicle with as little fuel as possible as the trucker will only empty your tank. Vehicles inside the container should have no gas for safety purposes.


RORO is short for roll-on, roll-off.  It’s the most common freight forwarding option as it can carry vehicles of varying sizes. In this method of shipping, your vehicle should be delivered to the terminal and the staff will drive it onto the ship and off it at your destination.

Flat Rack

Flat rack is often used for cargos that are too bulky or tall to fit in a standard shipping container. It is either collapsible or fixed. When choosing this, you have to fit your car into the flat rack. Then, it will be loaded from the top or sides.

Gather All Necessary Documents

Like everything that involves an international move, paperwork is involved when you want to ship a car overseas.

Prepare documents that you got when you purchased your car like the bill of sale, your car’s original title, and EIN number.

You might also be asked to get a Power of Attorney for the freight forwarding company that you’ve chosen to transport your car and file export documentation in your stead.

Another important document is the SLI or Shipper’s Letter of Instruction. This will show essential details like the cargo value, consignee, and the shipper.

Prepare Your Car for the Transfer

While you might be tempted to fill empty spaces in your car with other valuables, you won’t be able to do that. The only things you’re allowed to keep in your vehicle are spare tires and other car essentials. This means that you should remove documents, boxes, and other items that shouldn’t be inside. If you don’t do this beforehand, you’ll be asked to do this at the terminal.

Talk to the car shipping company that you’ve hired a few weeks before the day of transport to get instructions like how much gas you must put in your car. Most companies suggest keeping the tank only a quarter full.

Custom agents might check your car for debris and pests as well. Make sure that you completely clean it before you export it.

The Bottom Line

There are numerous things that you must consider and prepare when shipping a car overseas. Educating yourself on the process will make things easier.

Legal to Drive after Taking CBD

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oils have been taken by many people here as alternative medicine. It is reportedly giving ease for anxiety, pain, stress, and many other ailments. With its remarkable effect, the use of CBD oil is already receiving praise from the people and the business market. However, the fact that CBD oil comes from cannabis plants, it also becoming a topic to several arguments. Some people are still worried about its possible uncontrollable addictive effect. Studies at cannabis radar have shown the legalization of CBD oil has also been a rising issue for many states.

Science clarified that CBD oil is really different from Marijuana because of its extracting process. The process made the CBD oil safe compared to other drugs that came from cannabis plants. People are still asking a question regarding the safety of its users.

Frequent Questions About CBD Oil

For a better understanding regarding CBD oil, here is the list of its use and effect. The following are also frequent questions about CBD oil.

Why is CBD not the same with Marijuana?

CBD and Marijuana indeed come from cannabis plants, but they are totally different. Cannabis oil does not contain THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is a chemical that can be found in other drugs which is responsible for giving a high effect on users. Since CBD does not contain THC, it is safe for many people avoiding getting high. CBD also claims that it does not give any mind-altering effects to users.

Can you drive after taking CBD oil?

CBD oil promises a positive effect on people. The reported effects are indeed remarkable. Users have been claiming that CBD can be an alternative medicine for stress, muscle pain, depression, anxiety, and seizure disorder. With these positive effects, there is not yet good and well-established scientific evidence.

However, considering its positive effects on people, is it still safe to drive after taking CBD Oil. The possible difference only is that if the driver had taken CBD oil, he/she will feel a little calmer and less anxious. There will be no high effect, only calmness.

Is it legal to drive while on the effect of taking CBD oil?

The legalization of cannabidiol differs in every state. If the CBD oil came from hemp, it is legal across the majority of the United States. With the rising issue of Cannabis Legalization in the state, the use of CBD oil may still cause confusion to many officials. If the user has been questioned about taking CBD oil, he/she must be prepared to answer some slew questions.

What to look for after taking CBD oil and before driving?

If taking CBD oil is a medical necessity for the driver, he/she still must consider some things. To avoid confusion and complicated situation, remember the following:

·         Avoid overdosage
·         Wait first until its effect kicks in
·         Observe how does the body respond to CBD
·         Know the state laws about CBD
·         If traveling, be safe while inhaling CBD oil

In Conclusion

CBD oil is indeed remarkable and useful to many. It can be an alternative medication for many ailments. However, it still receives debatable questions. Its legalization and safety are the heated topics about it. To avoid complicated situations, users must consider what has been mentioned in this article.


Have you ever seen an old car restored by Academy experts on the road racing against your brand-new machine? If that is the case, you must have witnessed what is commonly known as Restomod.

The Definition of Restomod

 Restomod can, at one side, be defined as car modification, and on the other hand, it is termed as car restoration. It the blend of yesterday’s manual craftsmanship and today’s technology; this may include aluminum cylinder heads, disc brakes, exhaust headers, and coil-over shocks. Restomods may also include enhancements in fuel engine modifications and overdrive transmission. Getting modern automobile parts is usually more comfortable as compared to getting various pieces of older cars

Moreover, a restomod is generally safer to drive compared to a restored car. This is because they can easily be put on high speed under demanding driving conditions or the freeways.

On the other hand, restored cars are the best when it comes to regular city driving, but most of them are not made to drive at high speed. The same usually applies to most older cars that were made for better driving conditions. Owners of this kind of vehicle living in different parts of the country where there are rain and snow may discover that restomod is necessary to preserve functionality, integrity, and performance.

Moreover, restomod usually have higher resale values compared to restored cars because they have a high demand as compared to restored vehicles. Although the term restoration and retromod are typically used interchangeably mostly in car marketplaces, there is usually a big difference between the two. This is why it should be properly appraised. However, the two terms are always able to describe the act of bringing a classic car back to its legendary performance and appearance. The decision of restoring a vehicle is usually either restoration or a restomod. This commonly depends on the value or age of the said vehicle.

Why Old Cars Are Not the Best

Old vehicles tend to have amazing style but are challenging to drive. Moreover, feel-free fingertips, drum brakes, and floaty suspension make it difficult for one to drive a car, which was built in the 50s and 60s around the town. Old cars can be unattractive when they don’t have brakes or power steering. Retromodding helps in solving this issue.

Restomod or Hot Rod?

New parts have always been used in old cars. To have a better understanding, you need to have a look at various vehicles such as Mustang II steering rack combo, which are well known as classic hot rods.

Instead of assembling production parts, Restomods use new parts to fit stock locations. Through this, a builder can include some modern performance and get a chance to give back the car to its stock state by refitting the original parts. Restomod started as niche pieces and has now transformed into an aftermarket industry that makes long-distance and daily drivers’ cruisers.

Difference Between Restomod and Traditional Classic Cars

While enthusiasts are restoring their vehicles, automobiles are always updating to newer parts. This is usually the practice in classic car restoration. However, restomod is different because it ensures that the cars are restored with cutting edge parts which are made to fit vehicle stock location.