100 Years

From the first 3-litre model launched in 1919 to the latest Mulsanne W.O. Edition launched recently, Bentley cars have always been designed and driven by exceptional people. What started as a one man’s desire to build a car best in its class has transformed into an empire which still stands strong on its founder’s principles.

The ‘Grand Tourer’ cars were launched in 1919 to let people enjoy the luxury while going in speed. Come 10th July 2019, Bentley Motors will complete 100 years of establishment, a milestone worth celebrating in style.

The Team at Mulliner

And nothing on the Bentley team would have been the same if it was not for the exceptional talents of the Mulliner team, Bentley’s private commissioning service. They are celebrating by launching these special cars:

  • Continental GT Number 9 Edition
  • Continental GT Convertible Number 1 Edition
  • Mulsanne W.O. Edition

From hand-crafting every detail of the Bentley cars to honouring the founding father of the company with these special edition vehicles, the team at Mulliner have undoubtedly played a huge role in the success of the Bentley Motors team.

Plan for the Next 100 Years

In the present day, all the Bentley cars are manufactured in the factory at Crewe, located in the North-western side of England. Deploying a team of more than 4000 workers, the Bentley plant has earned their loyalty with several generations of families dedicating their life to it.

With a team of visionary engineers and loyal customers, Bentley will keep on improving and making travel as luxurious as it is supposed to be. The story of Bentley will continue!