Bentley Story
Bentley Story
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History and Facts

The Bentley Story

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. From a one-man army of W.O. Bentley in 1919 to over 4000 employees in 2019, Bentley Motors have come a long way to become one of the finest performance-driven luxury cars in the world.
The legacy of Bentley Motors has been glorified not only by its makers but also by some of the finest drivers who achieved numerous milestones with the Bentley cars. Starting from the finest era of Bentley Boys and Girls in 1920s, the record-breaking drivers encouraged W.O. Bentley to innovate and refine his cars even further.
Skip to the present generation owners, who pride themselves in possessing one of the finest luxury …

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The Continental Story

Travel has often been considered as a way of life that people have been undertaking in order to gain some new and exhilarating experiences in life. Back in the 17th and 18th century, it was almost customary for British nobility to do the same by touring around Europe in a journey which came to be known as the ‘Grand Tour’.
Around 100 years later, this exciting experience gave birth to a car company known as ‘Bentley’, whose main motto was to combine a perfect experience of luxury and performance in order to redefine the terms of travelling. They were referred to as the ‘Grand Tourer’.
First-Ever Bentley Grand Tourer
The …

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Factory Visits and The Bentley Experience

Bentley ensures its customers feel welcome with gracious factory visits. These visits are highlighted by an informative lesson on the car’s history as well as a display of the process that goes into making some of the finest cars ever to roam on the roads.
Visits to the Home of Bentley
Reserved only for the customers and motoring enthusiasts, it might be a dream come true for many to visit the company’s production facilities in Crewe, Cheshire.
The CW1 House
Opened in 2004, the CW1 House contains the full Bentley range with a special personalized area, giving you a peek into the world of Bentley.
The Bentley Commissioning Experience…

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World Of Bentley

Battle of Britain Heritage Trail

The Battle of Britain was certainly one of the most decisive air-borne battles in the World War II e...
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100 Years

From the first 3-litre model launched in 1919 to the latest Mulsanne W.O. Edition launched recently,...
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Automobile Websites

Optimizing your automobile website for your customers is the first step to attracting organic traffic. With the increasing difficulty of ranking up on Google, every automobile dealer should focus on SEO strategies shared by Certahosting blog– both on and off-page.
A report from Certahosting shows that most car shoppers will only view two dealerships when looking to buy a new vehicle, thus, increasing the importance of optimizing your automobile website.
Unlike other businesses, car dealerships are difficult…

Surprisingly, W.O. Bentley was initially opposed to the concept of Le Mans, citing it as an unnecessary tournament to run the cars under such rough conditions. But the Bentley boys changed his mind by winning five of the six Le Mans 24-hour races between 1924 and 1930.
To honour the brand’s close association with the historic event over several years, the city of Le Mans has renamed a street to celebrate the indomitable spirit of the Bentley Boys. The street will now be named as ‘Rue des Bentley Boys’.
Celebrations to Celebrate the Catenary
A special parade lap will feature 25 Bentley Models before the start of this year’s Le Mans race to …

History was about to be made in 1930 when the legendary Bentley Blower was about to become the first British competing car in the Mille Miglia race. But despite their best efforts, they had to withdraw prior to the race, citing lack of preparation.
Now, after nine decades since the unfortunate incident, Bentley is returning to complete a feat that it could not achieve back then. The company is returning to complete the thousand-mile Italian test of endurance with two original 1930 4½-litre supercharged Blowers.
The Legendary Bentley Blower
Tim Birkin and then-CEO Woolf Barnato attempted to be the first British drivers to attempt the race in a supercharged…

Born as Walter Owen Bentley, he always had an inclination towards speed and motion. W.O. Bentley lived an extraordinary life of designing and developing speed machines before finally founding his dream motor vehicle company – Bentley Motors in 1919.
Early Life
W.O. Bentley was involved with moving objects since his childhood. At the age of 16, he dropped out of school to pursue his passion and joined an apprenticeship program with the Great Northern Railway. After five years of shoving coal into the firebox, he moved on to the machines on the road.
W.O. Bentley was a skilled driver along with being a great mechanic as well. After winning several races on…

Book Your Visit to Factory

Bentley ensures its customers feel welcome with gracious factory visits. These visits are highlighted by an informative lesson on the car’s history as well as a display of the process that goes into making some of the finest cars ever to roam on the roads.